Friday, May 25, 2007

Who Am I?

Say "hello" to - well - we don't know, exactly. All we know is that she's kinda cute and she'll be moving into Casa Crazylegs sometime around the end of June.

Let me explain, and make my plea to you, Gentle Readers. We love animals in our house. But we love Dee - Mom to some, Bestest Friend and Critic to others - even more. Dee has pet allergies, big time: watery eyes, hives, the whole works. Dee can simply stand in the doorway of a pet owner's abode and immediately tell that furry creatures dwell inside. It's that bad.

As you might guess, this has limited our pet choices to a few fish and Bernard the Hamster (RIP 2004 - 2006). The kids have wanted a more substantial pet forever, and have basically adopted other peoples' pets in lieu of having their own. Late last year, kid number one (aka Band Geek) did some research and discovered the Siberian breed of cat that purportedly has hypoallergenic properties. While this breed has only been in North America for about 10 years, we managed to locate a breeder in Welland.

To say that I was skeptical is putting things rather mildly. There's no scientific evidence that supports the rather anecdotal evidence that this breed is allergy-friendly. Naysayer that I was, I really enjoy cats (always had one as a pet during my formative years) - so we contacted the breeder and arranged a 'test visit' to see if these cats really have the magical property that allergy sufferers seek.

Long story short, Dee spent an hour with Mama Cat on her lap and kittens crawling all over the place. No sneezing. No hives. No nuthin'. Stunned and surprised, we put our money town and picked out a kitten. And that really is her picture above.

Did I mention we were stunned?

So our little Russian ball of fur will be moving in at the end of June. There's just one problem: we cannot decide on an appropriate name. In fact, we seem to suck mightily at this game.

Sasha? Mischa? Hey You? We've even had a suggestion of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Wizzy for short, I guess.

Here's the mission: bring to bear your impressive creative skills and feed me suggestions. A cat's very identity rests in the balance.



Sheena said...

I'll give you 5 bucks if you call it Sheena.

Crazylegs said...

I will not stoop to jokes containing the words cheap, pussy, and Sheena. I just won't.

Sheena said...

You disappoint me, CrazyLegs.

Kid Dork said...

You're on your own for names, CL. In my dotage, my cats now all have 'real' names (George, Dexter, Julius)while when I was younger, I was a little more inventive.

'Little fucker' seems to be the universal name for all of them, though.

Congratulations on the addition. Nothing rocks a household like a kitten.

David said...

Living in a barn as I do (but only for 4 more weeks!), I have been adopted by dozens of barn cats, stray cats and abandoned cats. KD is right with his name choice, but "Fucking cat" also works. I suggest you wait and let the cat name itself. Give it a week and the name will come to you. I think they whisper it in your ear at night, right before they begin licking your eye. Barring that, my suggestion is "Klothor, Bringer of Woe". Or name her after a Bond girl.

Kid Dork said...

Put me down for 'Klothor.'

Anonymous said...