Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do They Know?

While the flyer has been sitting for over a week in the perpetual pile of crap that guards our kitchen phone, I only just noticed something yesterday. The Grand Prize home in London's annual Dream Lifestyles Lottery has a rather interesting address.

It's 2046 Logans Run, London, Ontario

That's Logans Run, folks.

I'm guessing someone with a sense of humour nominated this street name, and someone who didn't 'get it' did the approval. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's a geek down at City Hall who has a sly sense of humour.

Either way, if I win this lottery I'll have to take the cash. I'm already too old for that neighbourhood.


Kid Dork said...


Still makes me laugh. As much as it makes me wonder why Jenny Agutter would ever put herself on that Slut-O-Rama thing that enables her to meet Logan.

I mean, she's Jenny Agutter!

David said...

Fish, plankton, sea greens... protein from the sea!

This news warms the cockles of my heart. Well, gotta go steal a street sign!

Anonymous said...

Hrm. Mapquest can't find this place; neither can Google Maps. And the London Ontario website with the interactive map hasn't got it. Where the hell is it? The Lottery website doesn't have a map. All these map sites are USELESS!

David said...

Follow CL's link to the lottery. Click on the 1st prize link, and you will find a map at the bottom of the page. Logans Run is off Kains Rd. -- all of this is too new to be in Google maps just yet.

Anonymous said...