Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Sixth Sense

I see trees with faces.

Well, not faces exactly; more like mouths. Big mouths. Up in the branches. Smiling with big, toothy, reddish-lipped, kite-eating smiles ripped straight from a Charlie Brown nightmare. Why are they in London? Why now?

So far, there's one down at the Forks of the Thames keeping watch over the playground and splashpad. I've also seen one near the railway overpass on Wharncliffe near Horton.

Am I the only ones who is seeing these? Why is the media ignoring this? I must get a picture of these twisted cousins of the Ents. I'll post one here if I can.

I see trees with faces. Do you?


Sheena said...

Today on my walk to work I got off the bus and couldn't see my path that was obscured by thick fog. Because I had faith I walked toward the grey amorphous wall, only when reaching the concrete did the edifice become real.

Sheena said...

OH GOD I needed a coffee by then.

Crazylegs said...

You're not alone in this. I had a similar experience somewhere around Hour 20 during a straight-shot back from Florida years ago. As I crossed the border at Windsor (about 3am) we hit really dense fog; and it got worse once we were out of the city, cruising the 401.

After awhile I noticed a bright light up ahead through the fog. It appeared to be either a motorcycle or perhaps a car with only one headlight - coming from the other direction, or course.

Out of extreme fatigue and the light-bending properties of fog, I was convinced that this phantom motorist was in my lane and gunning for a head-on suicide. I lived with this panic for at least 10 minutes - really serious terror sweat - until it became apparent the light was from a highway overpass (one of those big sodium monsters). It never dawned on me think harder about the physics involved in seeing a head-on headlight through dense fog with 10 minutes to spare. I felt pretty stupid by the time I got home.

Sonny Drysdale said...

C.L. - those smiles are all thru the River Forks park. Next time thru, take a close look at that maniacal grin. Obviously the work of - The Joker!

Kid Dork said...

I haven't seen faces, but I have noticed some trees oddly carved. Is something going on? Have the squirrels finally taken on a hobby?

Anonymous said...