Sunday, October 08, 2006

Because Turkey Makes Me Sleepy

If I've noticed anything during my 43 years on this planet, it is this:

On a sunny Saturday morning, anything is possible.

On a gray Sunday afternoon, nothing is probable.



Sheena said...

No turkey.
No family.
No punkin pie.

Crazylegs said...

Oh lord Sheena. I'm genuinely sad now. Not that I place a huge premium on the whole Thanksgiving scene, but I like that it gives us a good excuse to eat too much and linger at the table far too long with people we want to be around. No matter if it's family or friends, and no matter if it's turkey or hamburgers or a nice restaurant meal. I hope you get to linger a bit with someone worth lingering with.

Kid Dork said...

I totally agree. I love Saturday mornings--favourite time of the week. Sunday afternoons, though, are the ashen hours of despair.

Sheena said...

Nah... it's ok crazylegs.
On the upside, heard Trooper during intermission in the main ballroom of a big ass Orlando mutant-friendly conference hotel and laughed on the inside to the point where I started suspecting the spinach salad I had on Friday night.

Crazylegs said...

Sheena, please tell me it's not the Gaylord Palms. That place creeps me out for some reason.

Sheena said...

No, one of those awful pink and aqua monstrosities near disney.

Anonymous said...